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Trocha angličtiny pro lehoučce pokročilé..



·     Travelling is a real hobby for many of us.

·     People want to see the famous historicial sights.

·     They want to meet interesting people - their

customs, food or clothes.

·     They travel on business.

·     Some peple commute to work or to school.

·     They go to see their relatives or friends.

·     They go to the cinema or to the theatre.

·     Those who live in villages go shoping in the town´s.

·     Town´s people travel to the villages, where they

have their cottages.

·    Travelling is a job for many of them. F.e.:sailor,

pilot, lorry driver..


·     Many people like travelling because it´s exciting,

they can see new places, meet new people and friends,

eat something unusual and see they way of life in

various countries.

·    Besides they can get new experience.


·     On the other hand travelling has some disadvantages

-it may be very dangerous.

·     We can meet bad people.

·     We can get lost, be murdured or our money may

be stolen.

·     For some people travelling is very expensive.

·     The worst is the fact, that the people and some

countries lose their individuality and travelling spoils



1)for example / such as

2)one of the advantages is / meeting new p., making

new friends

3)One of the disadvantages is air pollution.


       -you can get lost

       -you can be mugget

       -you can be run over by a driver

       -you can be murdured

       -you can die in a car / plane accident

       -a ship can sink (shipwreck)

       -sb. can steal your money from you

       -you can catch an illnes - (curable / incurable)

-it spoils nature / motor vehicles release into

the atmosphere

       -petrol fumes harmful to our health


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