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Alanis M.

Sedminásobná držitelka Grammy Alanis Morissette

vydává 2. června nové album Flavors of Entanglement,

které přijede, stejně jako své největší hity, představit

12. srpna do České republiky, poprvé na samostatném koncertě.

12. 08. od 20.00
Kongresové centrum Praha - Společenský sál

Vstupenky za 990 Kč :-(v prodeji v síti Ticketpro...

Oficiální stránky Alanis Morissette: www.alanismorissette.com
Česká stránka Alanis Morissette: www.alanis.cz (již brzy)
Nové album Flavors Of Entanglement, stejně vydává Warner Music
Kompletní informace o našich akcích najdete na www.1015.cz

Alanis Morissette - Diskografie:
Studio albums

Released only in Canada
1991 Alanis
1992 Now Is the Time
Released worldwide 
1995 Jagged Little Pill
1998 Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
2002 Under Rug Swept
2004 So-Called Chaos
2008 Flavors of Entanglement
Other albums
1999 Alanis Unplugged
2002 Feast on Scraps
2004 iTunes Originals
2005 Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
(Makrorecenze Jagged Little Pill Acoustic:
2007 The Collection
1995 Space Cakes
Released only in Canada
1991 Too Hot
Walk Away           
Feel Your Love           
1992 Plastic           
An Emotion Away
1993 No Apologies
Real World
(Change Is) Never a Waste of Time
Released worldwide 
1995 You Oughta Know
Hand in My Pocket
All I Really Want US release
1996 Ironic
You Learn
Head over Feet
1997 All I Really Want
1998 Uninvited
Thank U
Joining You
1999 Unsent
So Pure
That I Would Be Good Unplugged
2000 King of Pain Unplugged        1    
You Learn Unplugged            
2002 Hands Clean
Precious Illusions
2004 Everything
Out Is Through
Eight Easy Steps
2005 Hand in My Pocket Acoustic
2008 Underneath
1998 Spoon Backing vocals for the Dave Matthews Band
Before These Crowded Streets 
Don´t Drink the Water
Uninvited  City of Angels OST
Mindfield Backing vocals for Ringo Starr Vertical Man
Drift Away
I Was Walkin´
1999 Still  Dogma OST
Mercy  The Prayer Cycle
Are You Still Mad Live performance Live in the X Lounge II
2001 Excess Backing vocals for Tricky Blowback
2004 Let´s Do It (Let´s Fall in Love)  De-Lovely OST
2005 Wunderkind  The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the
Witch and the Wardrobe OST 
1997 Jagged Little Pill, Live
2002 Live in the Navajo Nation
Feast on Scraps
2005 VH1 Storytellers
The Collection: Limited edition

Alanis Morissette - Filmografie:
You Can´t Do That on Television, herself (1986)
Just One of the Girls, herself (1993)
Malhação, herself (1996)
Dogma, God (1999)
The Vagina Monologues (1999)
Sex and the City, Dawn (episode Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, 1999)
Dogma, That Woman (God) (2001)
Class Dismissed, herself (2001)
We´re with the Band, herself (2002) (Hands Clean, Baba,
You Oughta Know, Thank U) 
Curb Your Enthusiasm, herself
(episode The Terrorist Attack, 2002) 
Celebridade, herself (2003)
The Exonerated, Sunny Jacobs (2003)
De-Lovely, unnamed singer (2004) (Let´s Do It,
Let´s Fall in Love) 
American Dreams, Singer in the Lair (episode What
Dreams May Come, 2004) 
Degrassi: The Next Generation, principal (episode Goin´
down the Road: Part 1, 2005) 
Fuck, herself (2005)
Just Friends, herself (deleted scene), (2005)
Lovespring International, Lucinda (2006)
Nip/Tuck, Poppy (2006)
Head-case, herself (2007)
Radio Free Albemuth, Sylvia (TBA)


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